About Me:

While I enjoy all genres of literature, nothing moves me quite like historical fiction done well.  A historical fiction novel can transport its reader through time and space, immersing them in a world which is entirely real and tangible, though it lingers so far away.  It also serves to fill the gap between what is known and what is possible: historical certainties cast thier shadow upon the ground for us to study, while fiction allows us to fill in the detail that shadows can't reveal.

I decided that I wanted to be a historical fiction writer while I was in my senior year at university. I wrote my final thesis on Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall.  I was mesmerized by her attention to detail, her ability to completely immerse the reader in 16th century London, to paint a world so foreign to our own but with colours that reflect our own transcendant nature.  But while it was Mantel's work which set me on my career path, it was the shadow cast by Aphra Behn that I set out to study.  I was first introduced to England's first professional female writer and her novel Oroonoko while studying for my Bachelor's degree in English, and became as fascinated with the characters, the passion, and the atmosphere of the story as I was of the writer herself.  I spent years studying Oroonoko and Aphra Behn's life, knowing that one day I would have to write her story, to immortalise her, if you will, as Mantel did with Thomas Cromwell.

After taking time to practice my writing skills and to start a family of my own, I finally enrolled in a Master's programme at the University of East Anglia, which I finished in 2020.  Now I am working full time on my novel, provisionally titled "A Woman of Good Courage", which is quickly turning into the novel I first envisioned almost ten years ago; except this novel, well, it's even better!

When I'm not writing or reading I am a wife and busy mum to one fiesty young lady and two incredibly cute labradors.  I love binge watching television series (especially historicals), shopping, and extremely long, chatty lunches with my best friends (pre-pandemic at least). I am also in the process of launching a new blog with one of those best friends, as well as working on my own!

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